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Residents of Harlingen Known for Working to Make Their City a Better Place

Published / by Brandon Colker

52b127d9bb2d7.imageThere are a lot of things to like about Harlingen, Texas, and there are countless recreational activities available to both residents and visitors alike. For the residents of Harlingen, creating a welcoming environment is so exceptionally important that they often commit a great deal of time and energy to ensuring that visitors want to return again and again.

Joe Olujic has seen this sort of hospitality firsthand. A frequent visitor to Harlingen, Olujic was immediately amazed by how at ease he felt in a city he had never previously been to when he first arrived in the Texas city so many years ago. He felt such a great deal of comfort when he made that first visit that Harlingen has become a regular destination for the Wisconsin native.

While Harlingen residents are known for their kindness and their persistent hospitality, there are many other ways that they contribute to making Harlingen a better place for visitors and residents. There have been many instances in which the people of Harlingen have worked together in the name of a common cause, and they are more than willing to go above and beyond when it comes to improving their city.

One such instance recently involved an issue with breeding mosquitoes. While the city worked to eradicate the mosquitoes, residents participated by proactively identifying and eliminating any potential breeding grounds for the pests. This made the efforts of the city much more manageable and helped to quickly rid the city of a problem visitors never even noticed.

Texas Time

Published / by Brandon Colker

Harlingen, Texas is a great town to settle down.  With the favorable business environment in Texas you cant go wrong.  Saleh Stevens of Continental Clinical is an example of why Harlingen is a great place to relocate. If you need more reasons just do a quick search t see how cheap real estate is there.  You can buy a lot more house in Harlingen than almost anywhere else.  I travel in an RV through Texas frequently and like the roads throughout Texas.  The speed limits allow for quick travel and shot travel times.  If you are like me you don’t like to poke along at 55 mph.  Texas is a proud state and I would be pleased to call it home.

Ms. Schwartz – She Always Has Been a Top Family Attorney

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‘Never Forget’ Exhibit in Harlingen

Published / by Brandon Colker

When They Came To Take My FatherA 9/11 memorials seem to frequently use the phrase “Never Forget” but a new exhibit using the same slogan is now open in Harlingen. This exhibit tells the stories of WWII concentration camp survivors from the survivor point of view.

“To some local families this exhibit means a lot. About 40 to 60 people a day are coming through to see it,” Miller said.

“A lot of people from the local Jewish community came to see it during the opening reception.”

Seliger took photo images of Holocaust survivors, including some who eventually settled in Texas, to combine the experiences of survivors with fine portraits, capturing their individual personalities.

I wasn’t able to find an opening and closing date for the exhibit so if you want to see it, go as soon as possible. Other sources indicate that the footage and interviews will also be on at some point in the future.