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Dr. Raouf Farag Explains Rationale Behind Frequent Texas Vacations

Published / by Brandon Colker

There are many obstacles making travel between the United States and Australia relatively infrequent, with the most obvious example being the vast distance that must be traversed to reach one from the other. The daylong flight can be both physically and psychologically exhausting, which makes it necessary to plan for a relatively lengthy stay that accounts for the need to recover from the time spent on the plane and to adjust to the disorienting time-zone difference.

While these factors may limit some Australians and Americans from making frequent trips between their two countries, Dr. Raouf Farag has not been the least bit bothered by the lengthy travel requirements and has returned to the United States on a relatively regular basis. The fact that the Australian IVF doctor returns with such frequency is only one aspect of the surprise, as Dr. Farag also makes a point to spend the overwhelming majority of his time in two cities within the borders of Texas: Harlingen and Galveston.

Though Dr. Farag acknowledges that Harlingen and Galveston are not exactly the most popular of Texas tourist destinations, he makes it clear that it is not just the sights or attractions of either city that keeps drawing him back time and again. Instead, the New South Wales doctor prefers to visit these Texas towns simply because of the wonderful friends he has made during his frequent visits over the years.

Citing his initial experience with the famed Texas hospitality as a major reason for his first return trip to Harlingen, Dr. Farag quickly developed several strong friendships with many of the residents of both Harlingen and Galveston and was honored that many of those individuals then made the long journey to visit him at his home in Gosford, New South Wales. The fast friends have since continued to visit each other’s homes as often as possible, and each visit includes at least one trip to a new and entirely unfamiliar location. While this may not be the most efficient way to experience an entire country, Dr. Farag notes that it is a simple eventuality that he will get to see everything Texas and the United States have to offer.

Lone Star State

Published / by Brandon Colker

Texas is the Lone Star state and Harlingen is no different.  Texans pride themselves as independent thinkers and don’t like to be told what they cant do.  The Lone Star stateimagesEI6O4BF4 untitled (253) is home for some of the toughest people you will ever meet.  Is everything bigger in Texas?  Well it might not be bigger but Texans will say everything is better in Texas.  The Cowboys have not had a good year for a while but Texas loves their football.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football was beat out right by the Cowboys in Texas. The Cowboys are over due for a super bowl visit.  Good luck Cowboys.

Harlingen Texas Employment

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Harlingen Texas is a good place to get a job.  The employment is very good paying and the housing is cheap.  The tax structure in Texas is quite good as well.  If you are fed up with the high taxes in California then Texasuntitled (93) untitled (92) may be a good home for you.  I travel through Texas and see nothing for miles and miles.  The state is huge.  There is room for you there.  If you like the wide open spaces the Texas is the place to be.  Joe Olujic lives Harlingen and can speak to its virtues. So give Texas a try.  The Cowboys are due to win someday.

Harlingen, Texas The Boondocks

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images5225OKZSHarlingen, Texas is in the boondocks.  I mean that it is in fact in the middle of nowhere.  If you like seclusion then Harlingen is your kind of town.  You live in town and the country at the same time.  If you drive through town and blink you will miss it all together.  The people in town are all family.  Not related per say but very close.  I spent some time in this rural town and still don’t have a clue if the place suits me or anyone else.  There is a barber shop where the daily news is discussed.  Once in a while hair is properly dispatched.  The most important commodity in this barber shop is companionship.  Art Falcone is a constant visitor to the barber shop.

Take Me To Harlingen, Texas

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One of my favorite places on this earth is Harlingen, Texas.  Texas is exciting with the wide open spaces with cowboys and girls packing protection against what.  The law of the land is it that different in Texas than other states. Take me to Harlingen Texas to see what the draw ha ha draw is to this area.YUK06SOD Is it the housing the amenities of this area.  Lets take a visit to the wide open spaces of horses cattle and diner and dancing.  To great housing and design to history.  Texas has a story to tell us all if we take a walk on the wild west side and go back in time and into the future of Harlingen.  Art Falcone is a big fan as well.

Harlingen, Texas Fixer-Upper

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Looking for a house to fix up.  How about looking in the great Harlingen Texas for a fixer upper.   The area is large and fun  house low in some area cost.  How are the schools and the restaurants night life.  Harlingen Texas fixer upper are slowing going fast so start your life today and in look into buying and fixing houses.  Harlingen Texas fixer upper may be the answer to an income for you and your family future if you can fair the storm of fixing a house for cheap the right way of and making a high end beautiful work of art after it is all brought and paid for may even be the home of your dreams . Take a look  on Facebook for more information on Harlingen.

Residents of Harlingen Known for Working to Make Their City a Better Place

Published / by Brandon Colker

52b127d9bb2d7.imageThere are a lot of things to like about Harlingen, Texas, and there are countless recreational activities available to both residents and visitors alike. For the residents of Harlingen, creating a welcoming environment is so exceptionally important that they often commit a great deal of time and energy to ensuring that visitors want to return again and again.

Joe Olujic has seen this sort of hospitality firsthand. A frequent visitor to Harlingen, Olujic was immediately amazed by how at ease he felt in a city he had never previously been to when he first arrived in the Texas city so many years ago. He felt such a great deal of comfort when he made that first visit that Harlingen has become a regular destination for the Wisconsin native.

While Harlingen residents are known for their kindness and their persistent hospitality, there are many other ways that they contribute to making Harlingen a better place for visitors and residents. There have been many instances in which the people of Harlingen have worked together in the name of a common cause, and they are more than willing to go above and beyond when it comes to improving their city.

One such instance recently involved an issue with breeding mosquitoes. While the city worked to eradicate the mosquitoes, residents participated by proactively identifying and eliminating any potential breeding grounds for the pests. This made the efforts of the city much more manageable and helped to quickly rid the city of a problem visitors never even noticed.

Texas Time

Published / by Brandon Colker

Harlingen, Texas is a great town to settle down.  With the favorable business environment in Texas you cant go wrong.  Saleh Stevens of Continental Clinical is an example of why Harlingen is a great place to relocate. If you need more reasons just do a quick search t see how cheap real estate is there.  You can buy a lot more house in Harlingen than almost anywhere else.  I travel in an RV through Texas frequently and like the roads throughout Texas.  The speed limits allow for quick travel and shot travel times.  If you are like me you don’t like to poke along at 55 mph.  Texas is a proud state and I would be pleased to call it home.

Halevy’s Fitness Improvement Promise Isn’t All Talk

Published / by Brandon Colker

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is.” and that’s what most believe about the promise world-famous fitness instructor Jeff Halevy gives his clients. What is his promise? Get fit or you get your money back, hands down.

“Trainers are willing to say anything to lock in a client,” says Halevy. “There’s no accountability. When the client doesn’t get more fit, the gym says it’s the client’s fault. I found that to be absurd.”

What is the deal he, Jeff Halevy, offers? You pay a hefty, mind-blowing sum of $7,215 for three personal training sessions a week for three months. These sessions are not only expensive but also are customized for each client and the promise is if you aren’t significantly more fit, you get your money back.

What is the process to go through? First, a few tests. Before a client starts their training, Halevy will measure the clients’ fat-muscle ratio in a high-tech tank, checks their strength with weights, and assesses their cardio health by counting their recovery time on a treadmill. There’s also a flexibility test.

One thing is sure certain, Jeff Halevy knows his stuff and his reviews and ratings are amazing. You may wonder what is the big deal, other gyms give money back, but there’s the difference. Other gyms offer money-back guarantees, but only if you change your mind about membership, not based on your failure to improve.