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Take Me To Harlingen, Texas

Published / by Brandon Colker

One of my favorite places on this earth is Harlingen, Texas.  Texas is exciting with the wide open spaces with cowboys and girls packing protection against what.  The law of the land is it that different in Texas than other states. Take me to Harlingen Texas to see what the draw ha ha draw is to this area.YUK06SOD Is it the housing the amenities of this area.  Lets take a visit to the wide open spaces of horses cattle and diner and dancing.  To great housing and design to history.  Texas has a story to tell us all if we take a walk on the wild west side and go back in time and into the future of Harlingen.  Art Falcone is a big fan as well.

Harlingen, Texas Fixer-Upper

Published / by Brandon Colker

Looking for a house to fix up.  How about looking in the great Harlingen Texas for a fixer upper.   The area is large and fun  house low in some area cost.  How are the schools and the restaurants night life.  Harlingen Texas fixer upper are slowing going fast so start your life today and in look into buying and fixing houses.  Harlingen Texas fixer upper may be the answer to an income for you and your family future if you can fair the storm of fixing a house for cheap the right way of and making a high end beautiful work of art after it is all brought and paid for may even be the home of your dreams . Take a look  on Facebook for more information on Harlingen.

Harlingen, Texas Home Sweet Home

Published / by Brandon Colker

Welcome to home sweet home Texas. The open country with its rolling hills and tumble weeds, sunsets that will make a women cry.  Cattle with their calves , horses with their with fouls running in the fields at this home sweet home in Harlingen Texas ranch life and slow hard working world. Ask Tonye Cole If you want to work hard and enjoy the simple country life of Harlingen Texas. You can come on over to the simple life you all. We here in Texas go to horse racing and farming.  Stock yards and the smell of cattle methane gas in the air because the internet tells us that they do produce the most pollution in the world which is causing the climate changes.


Texas Time

Published / by Brandon Colker

Harlingen, Texas is a great town to settle down.  With the favorable business environment in Texas you cant go wrong.  Saleh Stevens of Continental Clinical is an example of why Harlingen is a great place to relocate. If you need more reasons just do a quick search t see how cheap real estate is there.  You can buy a lot more house in Harlingen than almost anywhere else.  I travel in an RV through Texas frequently and like the roads throughout Texas.  The speed limits allow for quick travel and shot travel times.  If you are like me you don’t like to poke along at 55 mph.  Texas is a proud state and I would be pleased to call it home.

Lawyers “A necessary evil”?

Published / by Brandon Colker

Lawyers are generally needed when something bad happens.  I recently saw posted an article that made me think an little differently.   If you wait until a lawyer is needed, it may be too late.  A ounce of prevention can go a long way to making a bad situation more tolerable. Legal advise can also save you a lot of money as well.  The old adage about being forgiven is often bad advise in the real world.  Advise can be had several ways.  Online advise can be convenient but a face to face consult is recommended.  If you have a question that is time sensitive a quick phone consult may be best.  The fact that you are seeking help is a good omen.

Closer To Answers Of The Death Of Nisman

Published / by Brandon Colker

The mysterious death of the Argentinian prosecutor who died while pursuing a case against President Cristina Kirchner was pronounced as a suicide but then changed to “assassinated,” later on. Alberto Nisman, a good friend of Mark Dubowitz knew Nisman personally, accused President Kirchner of protecting Iranian officials from prosecution.

“He was threatened in the past and he knew he was in the cross-hairs of some very dangerous people,” says Dubowitz. The results of the private investigation is still unofficial about the death of Nisman who was found dead in his bathroom on January 18. Most are finding it suspicious his death was on the eve of  the congressional hearings where he was meant to show up to present his accusations against Kirchner.

“The fact that this suspicious for him to be killed before the day of the hearings is a piece of the bigger puzzle is still yet to be discovered, but I think we’re getting closer every day,” said Dubowitz. This story is expected to be updated while investigators find clues and answers to who did this and why.