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Discover Harlingen, Texas, The Perfect Spot For A Winter Home

Published / by Harley Spencer

Texas is synonymous with big things. Big living, expansive farms and ever-bigger cities. The real estate industry is exceptionally vibrant on the heels of the California boom in the west. However, there are a few rare niches that present attractive options for the home buyer.

The city is business friendly with the possibility of free trade status. It is close to a host of favorite holiday destinations. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of living is unbelievably low, and the winters are pleasant.


For those who love wide-open urban spaces and the outdoors, there is plenty of free space, water sports, and recreation spots just close to the city. It is ideally located midway between two bigger cities, McAllen and Brownsville. Unlike the rest of Texas urban areas, there is light traffic on the roads, and an average commute will take you less than half an hour. It is an excellent destination to spend your winters.

The population is still below the hundred thousand mark with the majority being Hispanic. The people are incredibly nice and helpful. The diverse culture brings with it a global cuisine including some world-famous Buffalo wings joints.

Think proximity to the Gulf Coast and the numerous attractions there. For example, you are less than forty minutes away from South Padre Island, one of the best beaches in the continental US. There are numerous benefits to owning a home so close to a world-famous beach, top of which is the beach weather. It consists of a tropical climate with low rainfall and a southwestern feel to it. In like manner, you are also an hour from Mexico.

Harlingen is a brilliant spot to own a retirement home. It is famous throughout Texas for its warmth and hospitality to the senior citizens. There is an international airport right in the city enabling you to connect to global destinations quickly. There is plenty of fresh produce with seafood a primary staple. It is also home to the largest shrimp farms in the country. Harlingen is rated as one of the cheapest places to live in the country.

The city also has a vibrant economy with services such as healthcare, education, social amenities and the retail sector contributing the biggest chunk. The Jackson Street district is considered the city’s hub. The international airport, as well as the seaport of Harlingen, ensures a busy transport industry. Additionally, it is right next to the Free Trade International Bridge.

Development advantages

Harlingen is rapidly growing. Numerous companies are opening up manufacturing facilities in the area. This is driven by readily available labor, the free trade framework and proximity to cheaper ocean shipping from the international seaport. Diverse ranges of industries including food processors, petrochemical manufacturers as well textiles have found a new home here. The local real estate market is opening up to new investors in every corner.

The home market

Harlingen is one of the few gems worth snapping up in Texas for those looking for unique opportunities away from the beaten path. Financial services have also become readily available. For example, Tweed Financial Services provides comprehensive financial advisory you can leverage to secure a home.

You can get a modest place in the city at under two hundred thousand dollars. Trulia places the median home price at seventy thousand. The bulk of the homes in the city are in the $50-$100 range.

The typical home has a fitted kitchen with a snack bar that is perfect for family meals such as breakfast. They also have indoor laundry facilities as well as swimming pools for the mid-market homes in the city. Tweed Financial Services will help you choose a sustainable mortgage plan from a range of fixed and flexible rates to fixed-term options.

Tips for Picking the Right Diamond Jewelry Store in Texas

Published / by Brandon Colker

There are numerous jewelers in Texas. Some of them make the best items and sell them to their loyal clients. The jewelry industry is huge in the state of Texas because almost everyone owns a piece of jewelry. Jewelry is used to symbolize social status and enhance beauty. Also, people buy diamond rings, bracelets and earrings to show love to others. Diamond is one of the rarest metals, which makes it a valuable item. Finding the right diamond jeweler can be tricky because the quality of the diamond differs from one vendor to another. Below are a few tips from Inspired Silver on how you can choose the best diamond jewelry store in Texas.

Follow your heart

Sometimes it’s advisable to follow your instincts when shopping for diamond jewelry. It’s important to involve your emotions in making the final decision, especially if the jewelry is meant for a special occasion. Take time to think about whether the recipient of the diamond item will like it. Think about which store they’d like to get the item from. This way, it will be easier to pick the right jewelry shop. Also, talk to different vendors to determine the one you can trust to provide you with quality diamonds.

Get value for your money

Diamond is expensive. So, you need to make sure that you get what you pay for. Look for a store that offers the best diamond quality. To determine the quality of the jewelry, check the clarity, color, cut and carat. Look for a jewelry store that maximizes the cut of diamonds. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on diamond items, you should ensure that you get high-quality jewelry for less.

Find designer brands

Luxury items are distinguished with their designs. There are jewelry designers in the diamond business who are known for making high-quality items. Find out the best designer brands and locate stores in Texas that sell items from those companies.

Go to a store with ready stock

The majority of the diamond store in Texas don’t have enough stock. When you order jewelry, they go ahead to order it from their main supplier. This can cause you a lot of inconveniences. It’s wise to pick a store that can offer you what you need, and when you need it. A good jeweler should have goods ready for purchase and delivery.

Research thoroughly

Read articles online and in magazines to find out the best diamond jewelers in the state of Texas. Go through jewelry review sites to see what buyers have to say about different stores. Happy customers are a good indicator of a good jeweler. Some of the web resources you can use for your research include iVouch, Google+ and Yelp.

Check for credentials

When opening up a jewelry store, the vendor is required to meet certain standards. Also, they must have licenses and certifications to prove they’re running a legitimate business. While shopping for diamond items in Texas, find stores with GIA credentials. The seller should be a member of the Gem Society. These credentials are excellent indicators of quality.