Halevy’s Fitness Improvement Promise Isn’t All Talk

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is.” and that’s what most believe about the promise world-famous fitness instructor Jeff Halevy gives his clients. What is his promise? Get fit or you get your money back, hands down.

“Trainers are willing to say anything to lock in a client,” says Halevy. “There’s no accountability. When the client doesn’t get more fit, the gym says it’s the client’s fault. I found that to be absurd.”

What is the deal he, Jeff Halevy, offers? You pay a hefty, mind-blowing sum of $7,215 for three personal training sessions a week for three months. These sessions are not only expensive but also are customized for each client and the promise is if you aren’t significantly more fit, you get your money back.

What is the process to go through? First, a few tests. Before a client starts their training, Halevy will measure the clients’ fat-muscle ratio in a high-tech tank, checks their strength with weights, and assesses their cardio health by counting their recovery time on a treadmill. There’s also a flexibility test.

One thing is sure certain, Jeff Halevy knows his stuff and his reviews and ratings are amazing. You may wonder what is the big deal, other gyms give money back, but there’s the difference. Other gyms offer money-back guarantees, but only if you change your mind about membership, not based on your failure to improve.