John Ross Jesensky Marvels at Harlingen’s Burgeoning Music Scene

John Ross Jesensky HarlingtonHarlingen has always been a city in which music has existed as a point of particular pride, and that pride is increasingly on display in the many thriving music venues located throughout the city that are packed with patrons whenever live music is promised. The music scene within Harlingen’s city limits is also beginning to expand throughout the state of Texas and indeed the whole of the United States, with diverse musical acts touring the country and participating in festivals taking place far and wide.

In the eyes of a musician such as John Ross Jesensky, an atmosphere in which music is so clearly valued is sure to produce an extensive roster of exceptional musicians across all genres. Though it is something of a rarity to come across a city with a music scene like the one cultivated in Harlingen, true music enthusiasts have long been willing to exert any amount of effort in finding a place in which the passion for music is immediately evident no matter where they happen to look. Harlingen is beginning to attract more and more of those exact kinds of enthusiasts, and it will continue to do so as long as the city stays true to its musical roots.