Fahad Alrajaan Explains Benefits and Shortcomings of Texas Tax Incentives

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With the hope of attracting new business, the state of Texas has introduced a number of enticing tax incentives specifically aimed at startups and other companies. These tax incentives are viewed by many as a necessary measure to ensure the continued economic success of the state while also stimulating continued innovation, making Texas something of a boomtown for startups. While the concept appears sound in principle, Fahad Alrajaan has expressed some lingering doubts regarding the efficacy of such a strategy while praising the positive effect the incentives may have nonetheless achieved.

The business expert explained that even though attractive tax incentives could be an effective measure for drawing new business to some degree, there are a host of factors involved in stimulating the kind of economic growth sought by those who approved the legislation in the first place. As is often the case with economic subjects, a nuanced approach to analysis is much more likely to result in an accurate understanding of the varied influences playing a role in the growth of new business, including tax incentives and other issues.

Of course, Fahad Alrajaan expressed that the tax incentives have been effective in some regards and pointed out that there are many sharp observers who are resolute in their belief that the correlation between recent business growth and the implementation of tax incentive legislation is much more likely to be true causation. Without taking a firm stance on either side of the argument, Fahad Alrajaan laid out what he believes are the positive aspects of the tax incentives and how they have been effective in bringing new business and innovation to the Lone Star State.

Among the many strategies employed by the state, one of the most appealing is the manner in which Texas limits taxes on property for those doing business in the state. Given that these taxes represent a significant cost consideration for businesses, it should not come as much of a surprise that the reduction in potential business expenses serves as a major draw for startups and other companies. When implemented, this legislation placed a 10-year limit on the “taxable value of the property extended to a taxpayer,” provided that the taxpayer could demonstrate an intention to create jobs by building on the property protected by the tax limitation.

Fahad Alrajaan also mentioned the positive impact of what the state refers to as its freeport exemption, which allows communities the freedom to decide to make certain goods exempt from property taxes as long as they only remain in-state for a period that does not exceed 175 days, though it is possible for communities to extend this exemption up to 730 days under certain circumstances. Obviously, there is a great deal of appeal for businesses selling goods that qualify for the freeport exemption, which would serve as another reason for a business to operate within the sizable borders of the state of Texas.

Even though supporters of these incentives and others believe that the state of Texas has clearly enjoyed a tremendous benefit as a direct result, Fahad Alrajaan contends that the truth is much more complicated. Noting that many other states have far less appealing tax burdens associated with startups and other businesses, Fahad Alrajaan points out that a host of other factors may have far more to do with a thriving business environment than any tax incentive. Even something as simple as a population open to new ideas may have an equally profound impact on the success of a business. While more research into the subject will certainly be beneficial, it seems clear that tax incentives, though having a positive impact in some respects, are not necessarily the cure-all that legislators in Texas had initially envisioned.

Tim DeCaupa’s Tip For Starting Up A Business in Texas

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Much like New York, Texas is the Southern state of opportunity and possibility. Harlingen has become diverse with people of all walks of life and backgrounds as well as a hotspot consisting of opportunity for business. Harlingen isn’t known by any one thing in particular because there is a business for everything you can imagine and getting started in business in the fine town of Harlingen has never been better.

Business and real estate combined are what bring the magic to Harlingen and produce amazing and fun things to do with family and friends. To begin with, starting up a business in Texas according to Tim DeCapua calls for you to complete a few tasks first. The first step is selecting a location, preferably a location with easy access and exit where the majority of people will always be. Location in business is perhaps the most crucial fundamentals as it will affect your business as it is being built. Next thing to think about is the business structure and don’t forget the necessary documents such as the licenses and permits.

Is Something Missing in Harlingen, Texas?

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Anyone who has spent even a brief period of time in Harlingen, Texas knows that this is a wonderful city that is rich with activities and attractions. With the Gulf of Mexico not that far off, visitors make frequent trips to our home in the midst of the Rio Grande, and surely the city is doing more than enough to cater to our out-of-town friends. Residents of the city also have it pretty good, as the burgeoning artistic community in the downtown area is always a beautiful place for a stroll, but it still seems that some members of our community are in need of assistance.

There is no city in the United States that has not been touched by problems relating to alcohol and substance abuse. The only difference from city to city and state to state is the manner in which these problems are addressed, and it is not always the case that the treatment programs offered succeed in helping people overcome their personal struggles. Perhaps it would be best if cities across the country adopted the model created by Christopher Ross and his family when they founded Blu By The Sea.

The facility run by Ross is located in Destin, Florida. Like Harlingen, Destin benefits from its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, and individuals struggling with alcohol and substance abuse benefit from the alternative methods of care provided by the treatment center. The evidence-based practices used by Blu By The Sea have succeeded where other treatment programs have not, so it may indeed be in Harlingen’s best interest to offer a program that takes its lead from the Destin-based facility. The programs the city already offers undoubtedly work for some, but it is in the best interests of the community to ensure that there are program offerings that work for all.

Sweet Home Harlingen

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I love my home in HarlingenimagesC6ZHQCH2 images6T6V0BZJThe best part is that I am able to do just about anything I want within a few hour drive.  The town had a great downtown area that is really charming.  It has old mom and pop shops that are hundreds of years old.  I just love how everyone is like family and friendly to a fault. The main church is a gathering place that everyone enjoys every Sunday.  If you are tired of the big city the Harlingen may be just the ticket.  I will be here waiting.  Tim DeCapua is a long time resident of Harlingen.

Home Sweet Harlingen

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Harlingen Texas is my home.  I mean that it is where I have decided to raise a family.  The family oriented area is great for the kids. untitled (319) untitled (318) The schools are excellent and the kids are doing well.  If you could pick a better area than Harlingen you would have to spend a fortune.  The home prices in Harlingen are definitely a buyers market.  You can afford to buy that dream home that would be out of your range anywhere else.  Home For Life Animal Sanctuary has made their home in Harlingen as well.  The home in Harlingen is the best thing I have ever done.

Lone Star State

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Texas is the Lone Star state and Harlingen is no different.  Texans pride themselves as independent thinkers and don’t like to be told what they cant do.  The Lone Star stateimagesEI6O4BF4 untitled (253) is home for some of the toughest people you will ever meet.  Is everything bigger in Texas?  Well it might not be bigger but Texans will say everything is better in Texas.  The Cowboys have not had a good year for a while but Texas loves their football.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football was beat out right by the Cowboys in Texas. The Cowboys are over due for a super bowl visit.  Good luck Cowboys.

Harlingen Texas Employment

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Harlingen Texas is a good place to get a job.  The employment is very good paying and the housing is cheap.  The tax structure in Texas is quite good as well.  If you are fed up with the high taxes in California then Texasuntitled (93) untitled (92) may be a good home for you.  I travel through Texas and see nothing for miles and miles.  The state is huge.  There is room for you there.  If you like the wide open spaces the Texas is the place to be.  Joe Olujic lives Harlingen and can speak to its virtues. So give Texas a try.  The Cowboys are due to win someday.

Harlingen, Texas or Bust

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Harlingen, Texas or Bust!  OK Harlingen is not exactly the vacation destination but you might want to give it some consideration.  The weather is usually good and the people are friendly.  If you like garage sales they have many going on around the clock.  In fact the whole town is for sale for the right price.  If you are in the market for a bargain then Harlingen might be the place for you.  I had a great time in HarlingenimagesF09R6WI7 last year and plan to return this year.  I am indeed a glutton for punishment. Ken Fisher is a long time resident and couldn’t be happier.

Harlingen, Texas Has So Much For Everyone

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Harlingen, Texas is a little city at the very peak at the bottom of Texas and it’s absolutely filled with so much to do.  Everything from the attractions, the shopping and the great outdoors, Harlingen has a lot to bring to the table to offer fun and enjoyment. The attractions in Harlingen include museums, various family activities, shopping from some of the most well known and top quality stores and so much more. The museum is in conjunction with an art gallery, aquarium and an antique store. With so many tourists coming to Harlingen to shop, it’s no doubt their economy would be good and surely Ken Fisher would agree.



It is said that Harlingen is the perfect place for therapy. Retail therapy, that is.  While in Harlingen, you can adventure out to the Valley Vista Mall or another shopping centers located in many places throughout the city, such as the downtown area. If you want it, you’ll find it in Harlingen no matter what it is. Enjoy the Rio Grande Valley Premium Outlets you’ll find nearby, you surely won’t be disappointed. This is known as the main shopping destination if you happen to be looking to save money on famous designer made brands.

Harlingen, How did it get that name?

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Harlingen, Texas has an unusual name.  Where did it come from?  In the heart of the Rio Grande Valley this little town is a great place to visit but will you want to live there?  The town is not the best place to shop as the stores are rather small and old.  If you like that sort of area the Harlingen may be for you.  Homes are cheap as few want to live there.  The work environment is about the same as other Texas towns.  It is who you know that counts.  Education is only going to get you in the door, you have to know someone to make it to employment.  I guess that Harlingen is like many other towns and I would give it aimagesHCI12LX3 pass.  Joe Olujic lives near Harlingen and will give you a tour if you ask nice.