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5 Lessons in Emergency Preparedness Learned From Hurricane Harvey

Published / by Harley Spencer

A business takes years in the process. From planning to opening and then on to developing a clientele base is a lot of work. Years of planning and hard work can go straight down the drain in a matter of hours if businesses are not prepared. Disasters happen every day across the world. There are natural disasters as well as disasters made by man. In any case, there are those who will suffer because of it. There are steps that businesses can take to prepare for disasters. These steps and tips will help to sustain the business.

Action is the Key

Whenever there is any planning in a company the first thing to do is know the action’s needed. So the first step would be implementing a plan. In this step, business owners will conduct meetings with other personnel. They will go over insight on operations. This is also when employees will conduct scenarios. They will conduct research and develop steps to take in different types of disasters. Knowing where to turn’s taken into account as well. Businesses can check into My Patriot Supply for help with these items.

Find Areas that are Lacking

This step is when there is a thorough investigation of every department in the business. This is to find the areas that may need more attention than others. This is a crucial step. If something falls through the cracks it could have a domino effect on other parts of the business.

Train Staff and a Team

A business should train all employees for preparedness on disasters that could occur. There are many different places to turn to for training and knowledge including FEMA. One way of training staff is to make them aware of their own preparedness. This could be keeping their own survival gear or kit as well. A good place to look is My Patriot Supply.

Remember Your Supply Chain

It is important to understand that disasters happen everywhere. Every business should have a backup plan for their supply chain. If a supply chain goes under or affected by a disaster it can affect the business at hand. It could be weeks, months or even years before they are up and functional again. If there is no backup plan then the business develops problems of their own.

Practice, practice, practice

This could be one of the most important steps to take when developing a business disaster plan. Employees must know what to do and where to go in the case of disaster. Unless it is something that’s experienced it will not be something employees think of. That is why communication is so important. Conduct drills and warnings. Also, make sure to send out periodic communication as well. The safety of personnel is always the top priority. Having them know the steps to take and how to follow through is essential. It will help not only the business and company but will instill their own safety as well. It’s enforced everywhere today. It’s seen in schools with periodic fire drills, tornado drills and even bombing drills. It has helped to save many lives and will continue to do so.