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Randi Glazer Discusses Potential Opportunities for Harlingen Post Office Building

Published / by Brandon Colker

post office photoAs one of the most respected professionals in the underwriting industry, Randi Glazer possesses an unmatched ability when it comes to assessing the inherent value of an asset. In Harlingen, Texas, it seems that perhaps there is quite an opportunity available to the right investor, as the old Harlingen Post Office building has remained on the real estate market for well over four years now. Perhaps it is the price tag and the resulting sticker shock that causes potential buyers to take a step back, especially since understanding the full — and more accurate — value of the property requires a much more thorough investigation.

Known for an exacting approach in all of her professional endeavors, Glazer did not have to go to any great lengths to discover that the current listing price — $825,000 — is far from prohibitive when one considers the fact that the true value of the property is likely to be far more than that. In fact, the building’s interior has undergone renovations valued at $3.5 million that include veneers and custom millwork from a black cherry forest in Pennsylvania, not to mention all of the interior design elements that are also included in the price.With a mural painted by Normah Knight and the original 1930’s exterior, the Harlingen Post Office is an ideal building for any investor who understands the unique business opportunity it offers. Many entrepreneurs would jump at the chance to own a historic building with such exquisite features, particularly since businesses across all industries are enjoying immense success by incorporating design elements intended to harken back to the very time period in which the Harlingen Post Office was originally built.