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Nancy Behrman Evaluates Harlingen’s Growing Pizza Culture

Published / by Brandon Colker

Nancy Behrman PizzariaA longtime resident of New York City, Nancy Behrman is so much more than a PR and brand building expert. While she is known for achieving unparalleled results through her boutique PR firm, Behrman Communications, Nancy Behrman is also one of the city’s foremost aficionados of New York-style pizza. Given the fact that Harlingen, Texas, has recently made something of a name for itself as a haven for pizza enthusiasts, it only made sense for Behrman to make a brief detour to the city during a recent business trip that brought her close to the border town.

The pizzerias were nearly as impressive as advertised, which is indeed something of a rarity for a pizzeria outside of New York City that claims to be every bit as good as the original. Russo’s New York Pizzeria recently announced it would be opening a new location in Harlingen, and if its new location is of the same quality as its location on South Padre Island, then it seems that Harlingen may indeed be able to become something of a tourist attraction for those looking for a great slice of pizza without having to make it all the way out to New York City.