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Is Something Missing in Harlingen, Texas?

Published / by Brandon Colker

Anyone who has spent even a brief period of time in Harlingen, Texas knows that this is a wonderful city that is rich with activities and attractions. With the Gulf of Mexico not that far off, visitors make frequent trips to our home in the midst of the Rio Grande, and surely the city is doing more than enough to cater to our out-of-town friends. Residents of the city also have it pretty good, as the burgeoning artistic community in the downtown area is always a beautiful place for a stroll, but it still seems that some members of our community are in need of assistance.

There is no city in the United States that has not been touched by problems relating to alcohol and substance abuse. The only difference from city to city and state to state is the manner in which these problems are addressed, and it is not always the case that the treatment programs offered succeed in helping people overcome their personal struggles. Perhaps it would be best if cities across the country adopted the model created by Christopher Ross and his family when they founded Blu By The Sea.

The facility run by Ross is located in Destin, Florida. Like Harlingen, Destin benefits from its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, and individuals struggling with alcohol and substance abuse benefit from the alternative methods of care provided by the treatment center. The evidence-based practices used by Blu By The Sea have succeeded where other treatment programs have not, so it may indeed be in Harlingen’s best interest to offer a program that takes its lead from the Destin-based facility. The programs the city already offers undoubtedly work for some, but it is in the best interests of the community to ensure that there are program offerings that work for all.