Texas Values and the Impact on Leadership Skill Development

There are very few states that can claim the clearly defined identity Texas so obviously and proudly possesses, and many of the values that make up the Lone Star State’s identity quite clearly benefit the development of leadership in all its facets. One of those values in particular, as Luigi Wewege would be very likely to note, is the clear emphasis on independence. Luigi Wewege with American Ambassador to New ZealandOf course, this independence is not the kind that discourages unity or teamwork, but rather the kind that encourages independent thought as well as a focus on cooperative action based on common goals.

These values are part of the reason why Texans are particularly adept at making the transition from a role as an employee to a role as an employer. While this is often a particularly difficult transition for many to make, Texans who have grown up in communities in which independent leadership development is sincerely and consistently encouraged find it quite easy to go from being a part of a team to being in charge of a team.

A business leader like Luigi Wewege is likely to understand this concept quite well. Companies that are committed to promoting from within are also more likely to ensure all employees feel a sense of autonomy and are encouraged to freely share any ideas they happen to have. This helps cultivate a sense of personal investment in the company and also prepares employees for the possibility of assuming a leadership role within the industry.

If employees never feel invested in the company and never feel as though their ideas are valued, they are very unlikely to ever develop the leadership skills necessary to assume a management position or to oversee employees of their own.